Funds Raised

What are Ketto Challenges?


Ketto Challenges  are friendly  fundraising  competitions between  charitable  organisations  and  its supporters,  and their friends.  The  supporter  who  raises the  most gets  a chance  to win  grand  prizes  -  both for  himself  and  his organisation.


What is the Spread Food Love Challenge?


Ketto in partnership with Dineout invite you  to  be part of the  Spread Food Love Challenge  an  initiative  to  bring  all the  food  bloggers  across  the  country  together to  make a difference  to  the  society.  Challenge  your  co-bloggers  to  raise funds  for  a cause that  concerns  them  the  most,  by participating  in the Food Blogger’s  Challenge  on  Ketto. The  top  bloggers to  raise the maximum  amount  of funds  will  be rewarded  with  exciting  prizes,  lots of good  wishes  &  the  chance to  become our  best friend.



Be the  hero of  your  society!  Accept  the  challenge  and feel  the

goodness  flowing  around.



Do well  by doing  good.